Taking a trip around Europe is something everyone wants to experience at some point in their life. Few have the chance to take just a backpack full of clothes and trek around for two months to explore everything Europe has to offer. During my backpacking experience I was lucky enough to find myself in Split, Croatia for one of Europe’s most anticipated festivals, Ultra Europe.  Witnessing a star-studded lineup like the one presented for Ultra Europe is a gift in its own. Being able to step foot into the wonderland that is Ultra Europe is an absolutely astonishing experience.

Split, Croatia

The town of Split, which is essentially a castle on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, is home to roughly 170,000 people. During Ultra Music Week the town welcomes an additional 150,000 people on top of those cruising in by boat for the world renowned Yacht Week. Needless to say, this tiny town quickly becomes the world’s number one party destination.

Ultra Europe

Zedd not only makes music but also shoots fireworks when he pleases.



The set up for this particular festival is jam packed into a massive stadium and the surrounding area. With three different stages welcoming the world’s biggest names there was never a dull moment no matter what time of night. The main stage was built into the entire stadium, allowing 40,000 fans to take a seat or groove with a view and an additional 50,000 on the floor shoulder to shoulder with hardly a foot to spare. The vibes flowing through the crowd and out of the speakers makes for a magical experience when on the floor. Each act was presented like it was the closing act. Whether it was CO2 cannons , a firework display as if its the 4th of July, or enough confetti and streamers to cover 90,000 people, this stage was a straight celebration of all that is Ultra from sunset to sunrise.

Ultra Europe

The next stage we found ourselves at was the Resistance Stage. An insanely crafty art piece which allows a DJ to spin in a 360 degree deck sitting several feet above the crowd. This stage allowed for a crowd to circle around the stage and experience an amazing show from any angle. Oh and the stage also shot fire in the air from several different places. Directly past the Resistance Stage is the massive Ultra Worldwide stage. This monster of a stage was built like a cage and projected insane LEDs, smoke, confetti, and any other party contraption you can imagine. Needless to say, being able to choose one stage over the other is quite difficult when each offers its own unique flavor.

Ultra Europe

Visual effects have no boundaries.

Now onto the music, which could be an entire essay in its own. Seeing some of today’s biggest names in the EDM world is never anything short of incredible. From Alesso kicking off our day 1 to Hardwell closing day 3 with the sun rising in the background, we saw more sets than some have see in their entire lives. Legendary acts from Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, and so many producers.  Even the Chicago-based trap duo Flosstradamus made an appearance and threw down one the most unforgettable and intimate sets they have ever played.  David Guetta, ATB, Andrew Rayal, Armin Van Buuren, the list never ends and the music never stops!  For me to list every spectacular act and its corresponding track list would basically reflect the entire lineup.  The culture that is created within the gates of Ultra is something that adds such an epic flare to the music flowing from every corner. Each stage was situated with unforgettable visuals and a sound system that rocked the old town of Split each and every night.

Ultra Europe

Yes, they did have robots as well.


Overall, it was an experience that will remain unforgettable, especially for someone who calls America home. You can be certain I was able to cross that off the bucket list. Between the music, the set up, and the most insane crowd to ever groove with, Ultra Europe is clearly a historic event.  Thankfully, this branch of Ultra Worldwide is young in its years and will only continue to grow and create more insanity for many more to come. Do yourself a favor and find your way to Croatia for something that truly was difficult to put into words.

Photo Credit: Rukes / www.Rukes.com