Jerry Folk is hot right now. The young Norwegian producer puts forth a frothy blend of house genres with every release – remix or original – and he just recently signed with international booking agency, AM Only. With a whole year to plan out his travels, we’ve decided to put together the 5 events we think would be unreal to see the rising talent known as Jerry Folk. He has played an assortment of shows in Norway supporting Lindstrøm, Bearson, Thomas Jack, and more, and it’s clear he is ready to take on the US circuit.

1) Lightning In A Bottle
Full of hippies, dirt, art, and just flat-out great music, Lightning In The Bottle occurs over Memorial Day Weekend in the California desert. Jerry Folk’s underground tinge fits perfectly into the lineup that has held Moby, Panda Bear, and Bakermat. We would definitely get dusty for a weekend to see the Norwegian talent channel our inner nirvana.

2) Electric Forest
Many festivals take place in the woods, but not many have stages directly placed amongst thousands of trees like Electric Forest. Getting down and funky to Folk’s sinuous guitar riffs would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience amongst the trees, friends, and strangers alike. AM Only, get Jerry to Electric Forest.

3) Coachella – Do LaB Stage
This year’s Do LaB stage saw a lineup stacked with upcoming talent, and Jerry Folk should have been on there. With Coachella’s laidback atmosphere and the Do LaB’s intimate stage setting, Folk’s addictive rhythms would refresh all under the California sun.

4) Splash House
Splash House is the ultimate summer hang out. Taking place across multiple hotels with pools, stages, floaties, and more, the event is the quintessential SoCal pool party experience with talents like Flume, Kygo, and Chromeo playing in previous years. Jerry Folk’s summertime remixes of “Daydreamin’” and “365 Days” couldn’t fit in anywhere better.

5) EDC Las Vegas
Glowing with neon lights and fantastical stages, EDC Las Vegas is the definition of a full-blown festival grown from underground raves. Many great DJs have seen the start of their careers at the Art Cart at EDC Las Vegas and Jerry Folk’s darker tracks would suit the Las Vegas night sky seamlessly.

Jerry Folk may have not been stateside to play a show yet, but he has put out his debut mix on the Next Wave Mix Series so get a sense of his live style before he jumps across the pond.

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