They’re on the brink of becoming an iconic crossover act. With name recognition around the world, ODESZA have established themselves with a cult following numbering in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. The duo was not only in the right place at the right time as electronic music moved from over-compressed big room to slower, deeper sounds – they also knew how to use their sonically ambitious techniques to catapult themselves to the forefront of the industry.

Their new remix of Hayden James’ “Something About You” is yet another classic from the group that can’t seem to stop making waves. Having been teasing this release at their live shows for a while now, this remix captures the spirit of ODESZA’s signature sound perfectly. As delicate chords ring from a grand piano and carry listeners to the soft, yet commanding vocals of Hayden James, drums, keys, and saws help the masterpiece rise to its climax. A slow, calculated development, each component plays a part in the emotional escalation that forces listeners to reflect on their biggest regrets and most difficult times. At it’s peak, the build is sharply ended by the Hayden James begging the question, “What about a hit of your love?”. The change from reflective rise to hopeful vocals suggests a change in the song’s mood and ushers in a classic ODESZA hook. Departing from the introspective verse, the hook is a sharp contrast as it tells the tale of a new beginning, a hopeful future. Chopped vocals cry out over punchy, rhythmic drums; both of which provide the duo’s signature sliding saw with plenty of room to take listeners to audio euphoria.

There are few acts who can hold a candle to ODESZA’s ability in seamlessly incorporating emotion, power, and control into every one of their tracks. As the world wonders where electronic music will go next, we’ll be front row observing the journey of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight as they go from college kids with big dreams, to the inevitable selling out of every major venue there is. Mark my words: within the next couple of years, not only will the two be headlining our beloved electronic festivals, their sound will carry across the most historic and famed venues across the world as they go from electronic cult classic, to iconic – even in the mainstream.