Liquid Stranger recently released the fourth piece of his Infusion Mix Series, and it is nothing short of a must if you’re looking for hot mixes. The mix series is jam-packed, consisting of several different styles of music ranging in a broad spectrum of tempos. The variety in genre, tempo, and sound is the main reason we here at Electric Sloth loved jammin’ to the series and are excited to have the opportunity to share this with our readers.
Not only does Liquid Stranger display a plethora of sounds, but has also added hidden previews of his own work for his upcoming “Nomad” Series, scheduled for later this fall. Vol. 4 seamlessly infuses several genres of music ranging from funk, trap, to reggae and more. As per usual, Liquid Stranger has created another unique piece of music that the Sloths highly recommend for our fans to check out!
To listen to the fourth installment of the Infusion Mix Series, click here.