With arguably the most hypnotic voice in the industry right now, EDEN has released the second single off of his upcoming EP, End Credits. From Dublin, the man formerly a part of The Eden Project has amassed a formidable number of followers in the short time his music has been made publicly available. “Gravity” is the name of the instant classic that has been making waves across the EDM community. As we move from the aggressively loud and over-the-top trends that were popular over the past couple of years, EDEN can be considered a pioneer, ushering in the shifting tides into a more unique and emotional side of electronic music.

“Gravity” is a perfect example of this trend as listeners are taken on a four minute journey through a novel and refreshing take on hopeless love stories. A cacophonous intro gives way to EDEN’s incredibly powerful and haunting voice that carries over melancholy strums of a filtered guitar. Describing a crumbling relationship with a particular focus on the accusations of both sides, listeners can feel the pain and regret that fills his voice. The song only increases in emotion as filtered drums and claps build the rhythm of the track. This is type of music that can play on repeat for hours without you even noticing. An incredibly simple yet powerful instrumental combined with the raw emotion and relatability of Eden’s vocals and lyrics allows for the listener to dive into the heart and soul of the artist. If the music wasn’t good enough, it’s also worth mentioning that every song that EDEN has released so far is free.

The second I heard this track, I knew it was something special. Quite possibly the indie hit of the summer, if not of the year, “Gravity” is one for the books.

You can listen to the full track here.

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