On June 18th, 2015, Hippie Sabotage spread love to the hyped crowd at the Bluebird Theater in downtown Denver, Colorado. With an unexpected set filled with drum and bass, Hippie Sabotage gave the crowd a novel, euphoric feel. These talented Hippies were able to transfix the crowd when they played two of their most well-known songs, “So High” featuring Tove Lo and “Your Soul” as well. Although the Bluebird is a smaller venue, Hippie Sabotage managed to get the crowd hyped and dancing as if the venue was the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Though the hosts were putting on a more than satisfactory show, the crowd itself was very sloppy and not your typical crowd of Hippies. The venue was filled with people that had clearly been too heavily under the influence, as was evidenced by the two ambulances that came throughout the show. It was disappointing to have such an obnoxious and mediocre group of people because with a better audience, the show would’ve been perfectly on point.

Hippie Sabotage’s performance was just what I expected it to be: dreamy and euphoric, with a delightful twist of drum and bass. They managed to play all of their most popular tracks, as well as some of their newer songs, “Slip” and their remix of “Smile.” Overall, I was very pleased with my musical experience seeing the Hippies play and would absolutely love to see them play again at a larger venue here in Colorado. These talented brothers made it clear that they had prepared for their performance and put on a fantastic show.