ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective continues to prove that in order to make fresh forward-facing beats, you’ve got to have your ear to the ground and the discerning taste to distinguish the cream from the sludge. Fear not tone-deaf bass heads, for the eponymous duo has generously afforded their curatorial skills, sharing only the best of the best. In the four months that the Collective has been active, they’ve sent names like Big Wild and Jai Wolf skyrocketing.

(Seriously, if you haven’t heard Big Wild’s “Aftergold” or Jai Wolf’s “Indian Summer” go do it right this second, here: https://soundcloud.com/foreignfamily. Don’t worry the article will still be here when you get back)

The Foreign Family Collective’s newest release, debuted through Red Bull, features producer Greyhat’s new single “Glider”. ODESZA describe Greyhat’s sound as if “Tycho and Lapalux had a baby”, calling the song “a beautiful collage of haunting melodies, harp glitches and gritty textures. All brought together by a looming bass undertone.” ODESZA continues, saying that “Greyhat is a producer’s producer, constantly having us scratch our heads with the question, ‘How did he make that sound?’”

And it’s true, Greyhat’s production brings out subtle grit and garage in an atmospheric texture, tied together by ephemeral melodic phrases weaving in and out, all laid over a steady diet of low hertz
backing. While decidedly ‘darker and spacier’ than the more ‘upbeat and dreamy’ of the Foreign Family’s last couple of releases, “Glider” stands as a testament to the complex and ever-evolving face of electronic music.