Avicii teams up with the ubiquitous Martin Garrix and clever vocalist Simon Aldred to release his latest track, “Waiting for Love”, which is already commanding the top of the charts. This novel summer anthem is the latest release from Avicii and it is truly magical. Simon Aldred‘s vocals make you sing along with all the excitement and passion you can muster, while the sinister beatmasters Avicii and Martin Garrix themselves work wonders with their pounding choruses and riveting builds.

With the release of this song, came the release of a special 360 music video featuring multiple changes in background color that change to match the beat of the song. Multiple dancers come in and out of 4 doors, and there’s enough mesmerizing dance moves and trick videography that helps form the song and video into a one of a kind positive dance track.

“Waiting For Love” is certainly one for the books, and if it’s not already on your summer tracklist, then get to it.

You can check out the music video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHHLHGNpCSA

Or Download it here https://pro.beatport.com/track/waiting-for-love-extended-mix/6714888