He started out producing in his bedroom, trying to mimic and mirror the songs he loved in Dance Dance Revolution and Japanese video games. He went on to be a first signee at Skrillex’s OWSLA label, tour the world DJing, and then entirely rebrand himself with his Worlds album. After a 180 turnaround of sound and style, Porter Robinson introduced the Worlds live show concept where he sang, played keys, and percussion, all with a new stage design and visuals that he specifically created for the show.

Since then, he has completed the tour and is now on his festival tour that has been confirmed to come to this year’s TomorrowWorld. Announced in the second phase of the festival’s lineup, Porter Robinson and Rudimental were given the top tier spots to inaugurate the L!VE stage for the first time at TomorrowWorld. Because Porter Robinson has become one of dance music’s most rebellious and transformative acts, we have broken down 5 reasons on why you must see Porter Robinson at TomorrowWorld 2015.

1. He plays a lot of his older material live. For those that have seen Porter’s live show, you know that he loves to spice up his Worlds material with beloved tracks of the past. When seeing him at TomorrowWorld, don’t be surprised when you hear “Easy,” “Unison,” “100% In The Bitch,” or “Language” interspersed between “Sad Machine” and “Divinity.” For those hardcore PR fans, this should be enough to make you want to attend the set.

2. He sings live during the show. Its not common for DJs to sing nowadays. Although not one by nature, Porter decided to pick up and debut his vocals when he released his new album. If you’ve seen the show already, you know he’s pretty damn good at it as well.

3. He has debuted new tracks in the past at festivals. At this year’s Coachella, Porter unleashed his remix of Nero’s “The Thrill.” The sound clip went absolutely viral and everyone who was there felt some kind of special. Who knows what he has in store for TomorrowWorld 2015?

4. The visuals are absolutely captivating. Visuals have become a vital role in the performances of both DJs and electronic live acts. Porter Robinson explained in the past how he found all the visuals online and worked with his creative directors to make it was one-of-a-kind.

5. He will be closing down TomorrowWorld’s first-ever L!VE stage. This reason needs no explanation other than Porter Robinson at the L!VE stage will go down in history as it is the first live performance stage at TomorrowWorld. Simple as that.

Although Porter will be one of the most anticipated headliners at this year’s festival, TomorrowWorld’s lineup contains a plethora of options no matter your music tastes. To not miss out, you can purchase the limited tickets left here.

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