#mellogang A hashtag you’re probably unfamiliar with, but with marshmello’s release of his “Where Are U Now” remix, that will surely change.

Marshmello’s skills and expertise are present in all of his remixes. Just listen to his remix of, Calvin Harris’ “Outside”. His use of fast paced dancey synths, trap bass, and cut vocals make each of his own songs unique. If I were to cook up some Skrillex, throw in a dash of Diplo and sprinkle some Carnage on there, you might, MIGHT, have what Marshmello does with his music. And if you haven’t listened to his “Where Are U Now” remix by the time you’ve gotten to this section of the article, then you’re doing yourself an immense disservice.

Marshmello also has plenty of original pieces that demonstrate his diverse production of track types. “WaNt U 2“,”Pr0“, and “WaVeZ” each have their own distinctive feel that will consistently have you feeling plenty hype. He/she describes his music as, “deep fluffy hybrid melodic sexy trap house” and he’s/she’s not wrong.

One fan tweets, “Yo I had a dream I met @skrillex last night in Vegas and he told me he was @marshmellomusic”. Marshmello’s bio states, “I just want to make good music…that doesn’t require you knowing who I am”.  So, the question still remains. Who is marshmello? And the all more important question, when will his next track come out?

Check out his soundcloud here.

Photo: Raver Rafting