(Featured above is a clip from Bassnectar’s second night at Red Rocks)

Hey Lorin,

Just wanted to drop you a line for facilitating one of the best live music experiences I’ve ever had.  I’ve seen you, now, nineteen times and night two of Red Rocks had me damn near speechless.  Seriously, being able to see an artist seamlessly combine original, mind-blowing visuals paired with the cleanest and bone shaking sound system I’ve ever heard at the most spectacular venue on the planet is indescribable.  Never have I ever seen an artist that is able to bring together such a diverse and eclectic group of individuals there to experience three nights of life changing music.  Your two and a half hour sets put to shame any one hour festival time slot I’ve seen you play before.  I felt as though I were on a journey when you got up to the decks each night, much like that of a play with three separate acts.  Through pouring rain and clear night skies, you managed to play out the most diverse and impressive track lists I’ve ever seen you put together.  That, paired with the incredible energy that the people of Red Rocks and your lively stage presence, I cannot think of a show that could top the three nights, let alone any individual one.  I am still in a trance thinking about how insane the whole experience was, but one thing is for sure, I will be back next year.  Once again, Lorin, thank you for your time, your endless dedication to your fans, and of course, for blowing my f**king mind last weekend.


P.S. You’re always welcome to tailgate with us next year, just drop us a line!