Rising LA singer SIVIK shares XXYYXX’s remix of his single “U Got.” Here XXYYXX bumps up the tempo, stripping away the anthemic synth-pop production of the original in favor of jittery kick patterns and undulating synths. Over this R&B-leaning production, you wouldn’t be faulted for mistaking SIVIK’s falsetto for that of The Weeknd.


Last summer I had the pleasure of witnessing one of XXYYXX’s extraordinary live sets. What surprised me was that he steered away from his early experimental work like “About You” and played tracks with a similar feel to his “U Got” remix. I thought it was interesting to see him progress as an artist into a new area or style of music and this remix is a perfect example of that.

Be sure to keep a close eye on both SIVIK and XXYYXX as they’ve got new material in store for us with the years to come.

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