Dutch beat machines Pep & Rash has caused quite the commotion in the dance community. First, they dropped their monster future house track, ‘Rumors,’ as an ID originally that received serious play time before they even took credit for it. Now, the duo do it once again with the help of their friends at Spinnin’. There new track, ‘Red Roses,’ was premiered on MistaJam’s BBC Radio show to really create some hype before the two producers were ready to show the world they were the mastermind’s behind it.

Just starting their own radio show not too long ago, Pep & Rash have been on the upward prowl for only a year now, carefully crafting their signature sound that falls somewhere between future, deep, and groove-saturated house. ‘Red Roses’ is an example though of Pep & Rash’s affinity for pushing the boundaries of genres. The track takes elements from house, country, and blue grass to create a track that could be an epic background track to a movie. It’s a cool take on house music from this duo, and ‘Red Roses’ is now out on Beatport via Spinnin’.

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