Dillon Francis released his new music video for, “Not Butter” and it’s ridiculous.

Each portion of the video features a “goals” checklist where the video subsequently “improves” after each segment. One phrase, “make sex more believable” is featured right before the last minute of the song, which is then followed by an orgy. Yes, an orgy; followed by a gallon of hot mess being sprayed all over Dillon Francis’ face from a blurred out women’s map of Tasmania.. How’s that for a video? However have no fear, this video is not without purpose. It is very apparent that the video is sarcastic; Dillon Francis is making a huge mockery of the “great changes” that are happening in the world of EDM. With phrases like “Make party more sexual”,”More FUN drinking girls”, and “Promote nightlife through beer client”. Dillon Francis makes his point that EDM is moving in a new direction, and it might not be the healthiest.


You can check it out for yourself here http://smarturl.it/NotButterVideo