It’s official. Nite School Klik’s artists DJ Shadow and G Jones have teamed up to reveal a jaw-dropping EP via Liquid Amber that introduces creative new bass music that is euphonious to all audiences. Initially when the pair teamed up and released the EP without disclosing who they were, and when asked by NEST HQ why they chose not to disclose their identities. Shadow said, “We just thought it would be fun to hit people with something fresh and different, so that the music could speak without any pretext or bias…We wanted to make music that was more than just the sum of two artists, we wanted to bring something original.” The EP has been raved about by the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Complex, and with very good reason.

The EP not only dazzled audiences, but presented a unique combination of styles represented by two unique individuals. “Posse” presents a novel mixture of hip-hop, heavy bass beats, and exciting rhythmic flow that will leave you stunned, while “Nice Nightmares” keeps you wanting more with it’s amazing sounds that will leave you wondering how it’s synthesis could have been created by two men as opposed to two deity’s. With these 3 phenomenal songs  released, we wait with extreme excitement as to what the incredible duo will have in store for us next.

You can check out their EP here.

Words: Garrett Gomez