Rising hip-hop MC Alex Fraknoi, better known as Frak released his latest music video this past week. “Zoom” is a concept video about stolen perception, personified into a thief character. The song features Popkey, and the video was directed by Brennan Freed. The song is from Frak’s mixtape, Bagels, which is a “baker’s dozen” — thirteen tracks featuring a wide array of styles. The tape was cosigned by artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Shad, Watsky and more, and was featured as one of SF Weekly’s top local releases of 2014.

Along with “Zoom”, the highlight of Bagels mixtape also features the track “Asthma” about the cycle of an ego-trip, ending with a self-rap battle. Bagels is one of the few mix-tapes out there that  delivers rhymes about real life.  You won’t find any other artist that you can relate to like when you “google translate your Spanish homework, go back to your netflix and your can of yogurt.” To most, Frak has been known as the “jewish Lupe Fiasco” but everyday Frak spends in the studio he gets one step closer to making a name for himself.

Check out the music video for “Asthma” directed by Jamie Dewolf here

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