With the temperatures skyrocketing and summer officially here, nearly every producer has tried their hand at delivering a cheery summertime anthem – whether it’s tropical house, deep house, or a blend of the two. Michael Calfan seems to have emerged at the perfect time, as his unique “soul house” sound offers the groove of deep house, while borrowing the energetic personality of big room house, to come together to create an uplifting, yet deep, sound. As Calfan continues his foray into the deeper realms of house music, the French producer has unveiled “Mercy,” to give us an idea of what his “soul house” sound truly entails.

Calfan sets the stage with a driving piano melody and a smooth, soulful vocal loop that gives “Mercy” an undeniably groovy personality. By layering together sun-soaked string arrangements and flying chord progressions, Calfan ensures that “Mercy” is a vibe-infused, summer-ready anthem. “Mercy” is slated to be released on June 29th via Spinnin’ Records.

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