EDMbiz just announced the rest of their panels and speakers for the upcoming conference and expo. After a thorough glance, it is clear that the majority of this year’s panels will be heavy in terms of the content. EDMbiz is slated to have conversations on how to get signed to a label, how branding has influenced EDM, EDM in terms of data analytics, and more. A panel that should be on the top of your attendance list if you are heading to EDMbiz is ‘Radioactive: Listening Trends in a Changing Media Landscape.’

Music is a volatile creature. Trends change daily, genres are born and die within years, and people look for the next big genre hourly to fill that audio void they are craving. Between streaming services and radio, people are flip-flopping across all different types of platforms. The dance-obsessed flock to BBC Radio 1 to hear the newest tracks before they even come out. Families are changing from local radio stations to Spotify for their morning car rides. College students don’t have time to curate their own playlists so they look for someone to know exactly what they want outside of the Top 40 hits.

Radio is dramatically changing and shifting due to the digital world’s domination and over-arching influence. Streaming services are in a brutally competitive market trying to gain as much initial market share to prevent the uphill battle of converting customers. Between Spotify’s quick market capture, TIDAL’s lackluster commencement, Soundcloud’s never-ending uphill battle with labels, and the recent announcement of Apple Music, streaming services and radio are a hot topic affecting EDM. There are a plethora of options on the table for users to pick and it seems that some have become overloaded jumping back and forth because some services or stations offer features that other don’t. 

‘Radioactive: Listening Trends in a Changing Media Landscape’ will attempt to tackle the most important of these issues that affect EDM and the music industry today. This keynote discussion will feature an elite panel of individuals from new and established radio platforms to open a dialogue about how music consumption has changed recently and where they believe it is going. 

The panel consists of a wide-variety of figures who are currently leading the direction in which streaming services and radio are going. The panel is set to include: Austin Kramer – Global Programming Head of Electronic Culture at Spotify, George Hess – CEO of Zero2Fifty Group, Geronimo – DJ and Senior Director of Programming for Electronic & Dance Formats at SiriusXM, Ian Cee – Owner of FOUR80 Music, Joel Salkowitz – President of Sound Ideas Programming Consultants, and Michelle Boros – Music Director/On-Air Personality at KAMP-FM Los Angeles and 97.1 AMP Radio. The discussion will be moderated by Clark Warner who is the Executive Creative Director at Beatport. 

This panel will be insightful for anyone in the industry. Radio has always been an important outlet for musicians, artists, and their teams to distribute their music to gain exposure. Having this deep of a panel begin to discuss where listening trends are going with all of the flux in consumption methods, the learnings will be incredibly advantageous. 

EDMbiz 2015 is all set for its fourth annual conference and expo, and you can see all of the panels and speakers for this year’s event here. Registration is still available as well.

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