One of the most anticipated tracks of this summer festival circuit, “Drop Low” by upcoming producer’s Digital LAB and Henrix has finally been released through Kaskade’s label Arkade. The only non-Kaskade track played at his legendary 2015 Coachella set that broke records, “Drop Low” is necessary in any DJ’s set this summer who is looking to get the crowd moving.

The bouncing groove of the track allows for any fans of all genres to move on the dance floor. It is no wonder that Kaskade has played this track heavily throughout his sets this festival season. Whether at Coachella, Ultra, or elsewhere, this song has been heard numerous times by fans of the iconic DJ.

Following the trend moving towards the deeper side of house music, the track adds has a pounding four-step bass kick that meshes well with the twangy lead synths of the banger. Though many songs create a boring, predictable melody in the breakdown, “Drop Low” creates a bouncy melody with a fun pluck that will get your head bobbing without you even realizing it. The song overall has an incredibly fun feel that has taken the festival circuit by storm. If you’ve heard the song in set and want to check out the full track, or if you’re interested in hearing what all the hype is about, you can check out the full song here.

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