It’s always a great thing to find a track that doesn’t conform to trends. The big room house fad is slowly dwindling out and the deep house trend is on the rise with producers trying to jump on the bandwagon to see if they will be the next big thing. But, producers like Trivecta who create music that they want to make and hear are the ones that will win survival of the fittest.

He typically treads in harder, melodic dubstep waters, but ‘Evaporate‘ is a perfect testament to Trivecta‘s versatility in his studio cave. Gradually rising up until a point, Trivecta is delicate when introducing listeners to the track with the help of Aloma Steele’s alluring vocals. Just before the four minute mark, he lets his true production colors shine fusing an array of warped synth strokes, pounding chord progressions, and an underlying melody that really pulls at the heartstrings. High-adrenaline but beautiful, Trivecta nails it once again.

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