The time has come. The wait is over. Exodus has arrived. With that being said, there is always a right and a wrong way do Vegas, especially with the lineup we have ahead of us. Here at Electric Sloth, we want to tell you the right way to do Exodus Las Vegas. Below you will find a few key tips to surviving this massive party.  Even those who claim to be party veterans may face some struggles if the partying is not properly prepared and executed.

1. Hydration, Hydration, HYDRATION!

  • Do not doubt the effectiveness of water consumption. Hydrate when you wake up, when you eat, and especially before you head out into the Vegas sun to do regrettable things. Remember, a long island iced tea maybe have ice in it, but that does not count. Oh yeah and make sure to wear sunscreen during the day parties. Nobody wants to be a lobster after the first day.

2. It Is Okay To Sleep At Some Point…And Eat!

  • Listen, you may think it’s cool to be the last one awake…or last few to rally through the night…but this is not your ordinary weekend in Vegas. This is five days of full blown raging, day in and day out.  Your body is going to be begging you for sleep, so give it a few hours here and there. Power naps are your new best friend. Right alongside those Zzz’s be sure to have some Advil handy, as well.  Also, give yourself time to eat, and not just a bag of pretzels. Getting in a good, hearty breakfast will keep your body fueled throughout the day. Refueling before the night takes over is just as vital.  Do your body a favor and follow these simple steps.

3. Cross Your Fingers, The Desert Heat May Have Toned It Down This Year

  • Las Vegas is notorious for its blazing temperatures. Sometimes these temperatures get as high as 110+ degrees F.  Weather plays a huge factor in Vegas survival from the blazing hot days to the surprisingly chilly nights, but I mean come on…we are in a Desert.  However, this year seems to have changed, according to we are looking at temperatures no higher than 82 degrees.

4. Look Good, Feel Good

  • Dress to impress, double up on the swag, and make those admiring you from afar want to be you.  Do not be that guy (or girl) rocking sandals and socks, or a wrinkled shirt (or dress). You are here to party, make friends, meet your future husband/wife, and none of that will happen with a half-assed outfit.  The better you feel, the more your body will want to keep pumping you with energy and endorphins.

5. Keep Cash On You, Your Bank Account Will Thank You Later.

  • Sure, carrying a little plastic card is convenient, but it is also a death sentence.  Keeping a set amount of cash on you is much more beneficial than a card with access to all your funds.  On that note, certain cabs are cash only so that emergency stash of cash to get you from wherever you ended up back to the hotel is pretty crucial.  For those returning to Vegas, the struggle of spending is all to familiar. To those first timers, beware. The spending stacks up, and up…and up, so do not give yourself the option to spend every last penny to your name, unless you truly want to of course.

Now this list could go on and on, but we are not trying to tell you how to go about your weekend play by play. Las Vegas is full of unexplainable moves and spur of the moment adventures… so roll with it! These five tips I have provided above are simply guidelines to help you have the most fun while simultaneously lasting through all NINE events Exodus has in store for us. Check out the FULL LINEUP HERE! That way you can really plan accordingly!

Finally, have you ever wanted to party with a Sloth? Now is your chance! Be sure to stay up to date on our Twitter and Instagram to find out where we will be during the festival! Sloths have more fun, its a scientific fact. See all of you in Vegas!