As our final days in Las Vegas were upon us, the talent was definitely not showing any signs of slowing down. With Disclosure at Daylight Day Club steadily approaching, and a night swim with Zedd at XS Nightclub we knew we were in a for an amazing time.  Daylight, which is located at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, is still one of Vegas’ newer day pool party spots. As we got a few hours of the openers, the excitement that was building amongst the crowd prior to Disclosure was getting intense. Since this was going to be a Disclosure DJ set opposed to a live set we were unsure if both members of the group would be gracing us with there presence. But as the sun finally began to set, both members of the group took the stage with big smiles on there faces – ready to make the party pop off.


Daylight Day Club

Thankfully since we had our Exodus All Access passes handy we were able to walk right in once again, avoiding all the lines, making it an absolutely surreal experience.  The energy flowing from these UK gentlemen all the way to the back of the venue was something like we have never seen.


Who doesn’t like a little Disclosure & cotton candy?

For the XS night swim with Zedd, the Russian did nothing but drop pure hits, classics, and of course some tracks off his latest release Album, True Colors. Which he has been premiering track by track, around the world. If you’ve never seen this talented individual play live, be sure to cross him off your list soon!

All in all, the weekend that was Exodus Festival Season 6 was more fun that we could have ever imagined! To say we are excited for Season 7 next year would be an understatement. Can’t wait to see you guys all again soon!