Starting off our third day in Vegas was a little more difficult than expected – but not without reason. Day in, day out going from club to club can be exhausting, but with a line up like this years – finding the energy was a bit easier than expected.

Our first stop of the day was the MGM’s Famed Pool Party Wet Republic, with Forbes top paid DJ Calvin Harris. As we walked through the endless MGM lobby & casino approaching the event, we were honestly overwhelmed at the amount of people who showed up. It was almost as if all of La Las Vegas had come to see the famed Calvin Harris. After speaking with security, even they were in awe at the overwhelming amount of people trying squeeze their way in. We heard various people exiting the line saying things like “Security said we’d have to wait three hours to get in”. Keep in mind, this was about an hour in Calvin’s set, as well.


Calvin Harris tends to bring out the best in people.

Thanks to our Exodus All Access passes, we skipped the three hour wait and headed over to our cabana as Calvin dropped classic like “Sweet Nothings” and “Say My Name“. Upon entry, we had to reassure ourselves there was actually a pool as the event was simply overflowing with Calvin fans of all shapes and sizes. As the set progressed, the energy level continually built as the crowd continued to pop bottles of champagne and splash pool water to their hearts content.

Before we knew it, the clocks were striking 6pm and the day was over in the blink of an eye. Usually we would all have the post show depression, wishing it never came to an end, but the day was far from over. With no time to wind down (not that we wanted to, nor needed too) the preparations for Tiësto at Hakkasan were just beginning.


Hakkasan Nightclub

Entering the famed Hakkasan for our second time on this journey was similar to the first, but with a bit more momentum and a lot more Grey Goose. With Tiësto’s residency having him playing two nights a weekend, you’d think the crowd would have dwindled down after his set a few nights before. False. His Saturday set was even more crowded, and seemed to have even more energy. Something that always catches our eyes is Tiësto’s ability to alter his set to any crowd he plays. Considering most people weren’t actually there for the music, it really didn’t matter to him, as he still managed to keep a big smile on his face meanwhiles mixing in seamless drops and transitions. Even his friends, the legendary production duo, W&W, were there cheering him on (and taking a few shots with us). What a night!

Who’s ready for Disclosure at Daylight and a night-swim with Zedd tonight? I know we are, are you?