Packing is always a burden to make sure that you bring everything you will need for your trip, don’t forget anything essential, and make sure you give yourself enough time to pack beforehand so you’re not rushing. Festival packing is regular packing on steroids because it is finding that balance between bringing essentials and leaving possessions you wouldn’t want to accidentally lose. Well, since Mysteryland USA is kicking off tonight, Giraffage has put together a list of his Mysteryland USA essentials to help all of you heading to Bethel Woods soon.

1. Lighter
“Don’t be that guy that goes around borrowing lighters for the entirety of the festival. Learn from my mistakes.”

2. Mophie
“This doesn’t apply to me so much anymore since I lost my last phone with my mophie case, but a mophie case is nice for those times that you need some extra juice for your phone.”

3. Earplugs
“Protect your hearing!!”

4. Sunscreen
“I’ve gotten many sunburns from festivals so learn from my mistakes and keep your skin protected.”

5. Disposable Camera
“It’s always nice to have physical memories of your experiences.”

You can thank Giraffage after your festival weekend and after you see him play Sunday evening at the Webester Hall stage. Tickets for Mysteryland are still available for purchase.

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