Although it was pouring rain throughout the whole show, Adventure Club still managed to put on an outstanding performance at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado on May 8, 2015.

With a talented lineup of Vinnie, DallasK, ETC! ETC!, and Minnesota, this show was most definitely one for the books. Not only did every single artist play new music, but also threw in a lot of dubstep, bass and trap in with each one of their sets. When it came to Adventure Club’s set in particular, they opened their set with hardstyle dubstep and a lot of new music. According to a show goer, Noah Meakins, who has seen AC five times before, he states “With how amazing AC is and how many times I have seen them play, I have never seen them play so much dub and give a performance like this one! Most definitely one I will never forget.” Each song they played had a new visual and a certain amount of lasers added. Lighting was also fit to the mood of the songs, whether it dubstep or trap or trance. Adventure Club had claimed to play a lot more of their new music, while also sharing their talented abilities by making their set as they went. However, their classics such as, “Gold,” “Rise & Fall,” “Wonder” and more were not missed with the crowd singing along and dancing under the lights.

AC also managed to introduce their new song “Crash” featuring DallasK himself, and added more lasers, lights and visuals to enhance a feeling of euphoria when being played. They then closed their set with¬†¬†their well-known track “Lullabies” featuring Yuna and an encore of “Crave You” when the crowd cheered for one last song. Overall, Adventure Club’s show was outstanding, with the lineup topping it off with a cherry on top. This show was definitely one to remember at Red Rocks.