When it was announced that Flume was leaving the What So Not duo, many EDM fans were taken aback. As the clock ticks towards their final show, the duo are leaving us with one final EP. Entitled Gemini, the EP will feature the last tracks made collaboratively between Flume and Emoh Instead. The first song off the EP, which was released to the public just recently, is aptly titled “Gemini”. A beautifully dark track, the song begins with signature Flume sounds: a gliding, low synth, and a sample of running water. Beautiful vocals provided by fellow Future Classic artists George Maple adds a haunting layer to the already moody track. As the song progresses, a grand piano fills the voids to create an emotional vibe as Maple’s voice cries out over the gentle keys. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, an 808 and airy synths come crashing down to provide an epic climax. Rapid plucks cut through empty space before the song returns to a pattern similar to the intro. An incredibly dynamic song, the duo are experts in bundling both emotion and power into a single track. Though it is sad to see the two disband, we are excited to see which direction Emoh Instead takes the project. Be sure to catch What So Not live before the two go their separate ways.