Having gotten a full night of sleep to recover from day one, we were ready to see how Ultra was going to out do themselves for day two. We started out grooving with the infamous Bixel Boys who brought that Free Life charm to the UMF Radio Stage.  It may have been early, and surprisingly a IMG_0236little chilly for Miami, but it was not raining, and Bixel Boys got our blood pumping early.  We left to check out MK bumping in the Mega Structure, and he did not disappoint; the house steppers were out early to get their fix of Carl Cox and Friends, so we hopped right into that party.  Soon after, we headed back to the Worldwide Stage to bear witness to what may have been one of the best house music sets we’ve ever seen.  Tchami absolute tore off the fucking roof with his future house grooves, dropping classic tracks like “After Life” and “No Type,” as well as his remixes of “MYB” by Oliver and of course “You Know You Like It” by AlunaGeorge.  We also got a chance to catch up with rising #vomitstep star, Snails, backstage where we found out he was the special guest for Saturday night on the UMF Radio Stage and immediately announced it via our Twitter (@electricslothed). We took a minute after that to walk down to the waterfront for happy hour, just to admire the badassery that is a massive music
festival perched just on the water in Downtown Miami. 

Afterwards, we continued our adventure with Party Favor who was tearing up the UMF Radio Stage.  “Bap U” may have been one of the best tracks we saw dropped this weekend; people went absolutely insane.  Next up was the special guest of the night, Snails, who took the stage by storm.  The crowd, having been warmed up by Party Favor’s antics, took to Snails’ unique sound with IMG_0218gusto.  The grassy area was packed to the brim, and the highlight of his set was absolutely dropping “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which everyone was singing at the top of their lungs, right into “Asphyxiation” by Autoerotique.  He closed out his set with his and Brillz’s remix of Lil Boosie’s “Crazy” which was perfect because Brillz took the stage during the second drop of the track.  The Twonk Team was in full effect once the master of ratchetry got behind the decks, and although we love Brillz, we have a soft spot for Acid House, and had to leave to see Boys Noize.  The crowd at the Worldwide Stage was head banging and stepping hard to a nearly 100% acid house set, which was pretty unique for the festival as a whole. This put us in the right mindset as we headed right for Die Antwoord on the Live Stage as soon as we got our fix.  The Zef Style, South African, Rave-rap group had a massive crowd for their unique sound that knew nearly every word and was bouncing with every bassline.  It was really cool seeing them have such a receptive audience at a festival where you wouldn’t necessarily expect their presence.

After Yo-Landi and Ninja cleared the stage, bassheads from every corner of the festival flocked to the live stage to bear witness to the king of bass showing Miami how it’s truly done.  The amphitheater, which was rarely packed at all throughout the weekend, was so unbelievably full for the one and only Lorin Ashton.  Flags were flying, confetti cannons were bursting, heads were banging, bass was thumping, arms were flailing, and hair was everywhere.  He brought the absolute fire to the Live Stage to close out Saturday night, but one hour does not do Bassnectar justice.  He was by far the best act at this festival, but if you’re craving more, just remember that Bassnectar at Red Rocks is two months away…bassnectar-familyphoto-20140328-ultra-photo-by-alivecoverage