Yesterday, SFX Entertainment announced the creation of a research team with the goal of providing insight to marketers on electronic music consumers. SFX is the group behind promoters such as Disco Donnie Presents and Life in Color, as well as the international festival Tomorrowland and online music site, Beatport. The Audience Insights Group was created with the purpose of gathering data on the EDM community to understand their attitudes, behavior, and interests. This data will be shared with marketers who are interested in creating a stronger connection with dance music consumers. The group released their first report, entitled “The Electronic Music, Technology and Youth Culture Study” and has some important findings.

First, the report found that 93% of Beatport users believed that electronic music is a “defining aspect of our generation”. Unsurprisingly, many festival goers use social media while in attendance of events. 50% of people said they use social media during a festival while 51% of people said they seek information of different artists and songs via their phones during an event. In regards to music, the most popular genres in electronic music are House, Deep House, and Electro.

The good news for the fans of the music is that the take away from the report is that “brands need to understand this audience, not try to control it”, according to Matt Britton, founder and CEO of MRY, a creative and technology agency. As the community continues to grow, we are excited to see how different brands and marketers will respond to these findings.

Click here to read the full report.