Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, performer, and producer: Savant, has finally released his tour dates for North America.

With three different albums made in a six month time stretch, the talented producer and musician was inclined to share his variety of new music in North America; including stops in Philadelphia, Chicago, Portland, Detroit, Denver, Los Angeles, and more. Not only will he be sharing his diverse range of music here in the United States, but also world-wide in places like Isreal, Spain, and Norway (his home country).

Savant’s hard work has payed off by making the iTunes Top 25 charts with several different pieces he’s created. In fact, in the year 2013, Aleksander Vinter (Savant) had announced that he had unveiled 10,000 songs that he had produced. From 2011 to 2014, ten of those albums he created were released.

This year’s biggest album recently came out called, Invasionwith the most animation contributed to an album he has ever made. Throughout this year’s tour, you can expect speaker- shredding bangers, as well as some dubbed “complextro” music, as he calls it himself,  that will be sure to set the crowd off. We are excited to be able to experience this talented and amazing artist this year on the Spring Tour with as always, an unpredictable, but amazing performance. Will you be attending his show this upcoming season?!