It seems as if the guys of ODESZA are on a roll right now. From their tour which includes stops such as Coachella, to teasing an upcoming track, the duo are only gaining traction in the music industry. Now, they have decided to release the ninth edition of their fan favorite “No Sleep” mix. Covering twenty songs in the span of fifty minutes, the mix is an ethereal blend of laid back electronic music, perfect for studying, long car rides, background music at a party, or really any scenario that encourages chill vibes. Clearly the best taste-makers of future sounds, ODESZA mixes artists from Flume to Mr. Carmack that will keep your head moving from side to side for the duration of the mix. Normally, I am not satisfied with the entirety of a mix, but this eclectic fusion of sounds remains engaging through every minute and transition. From performing at Coachella to creating such a relaxing soundtrack for your downtime, it is clear that ODESZA are masters of their trade and we are excited as we await their next move. To follow the duo as they tour the world, click here.