Rising DC based hip-hop group Nafets released their third track “Cocaine” this past week. Their debut track, “Sriracha”, released over two months ago, caught our attention as it frequently streamed throughout soundcloud. This past month, the group has released two new tracks including “Black” and “Cocaine”, both of which offer a taste of what this crew is capable of.

The Nafets hip-hop project bloomed as rapper Stefan Taylor (Shiva) and producer Alex Levy (CPSL0CK) both decided to study at the same school in Los Angeles. The two nineteen year old’s set up a studio in their dorm room and went to work. While balancing both school work and music production, this group is committed to releasing nothing but the best of their work.

Now I’m not an advocate for drugs, but Nafets’ new track “Cocaine” will keep you up all night long. The intro says it all, CPSL0CK knows how to be versatile with his beats. Unlike any hip-hop song, the track starts with an experimental flow, leading up to Shiva’s entrance as surprising but very catchy. What separates shiva’s flow from the others is his ability to rap fast or slow and even including the two on a single track. I chose to feature “Cocaine” on our website because it delivers a range of vibes within a three minute track. Both Shiva and CPSL0CK’s chemistry is perfectly reflected through “Cocaine” because  as the song develops, so does the tempo. By the end of the song I just keep wanting more (not an intended drug reference)(kinda).

Listen to the track here:

Definitely keep a close eye on these guys as they are aiming to drop an album by the end of the year!

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