At 17 years old, Hugo Pierre Leclercq made quite a splash in the world of EDM. Using a Novation Launchpad, his Popculture mix would go on to receive millions of views and praise from many in the EDM community. Now, at the age of 20, it would be a conservative statement to say that Hugo, also known as Madeon, is having an incredible year. Not only was his debut album Adventure released to critical acclaim, the young Frenchman will be touring across the world, including at larger-than-life festival, Coachella. To maintain hype for the album and his artistry on the whole, Madeon appeared at a local French station known as Fun Radio for a 37 minute live set. Clearly a master of the Launchpad, we are more than ecstatic for his upcoming live sets across North America and in France. You can watch his set for the French radio station above.