Exposed at an early age, Charles Hamilton’s relationship has been one that every aspiring musician dreams of. In the constant presence of some form of musical instrument, Hamilton gravitated towards the piano, knocking out chords any chance he got. As the self-taught musician’s proficiency grew, his talent became more widely known. Come 2009, the twenty year old singer-songwriter not only earned himself a contract with Interscope records, the support of fellow rapper Eminem, and a spot on the cover of XXL’s annual Freshman issue, but also released a collection of widely acclaimed mix tapes and EP’s.

But this rising star has yet to stop in his journey to musical stardom. Surpassing the struggle of addiction and bipolar disorder, Hamilton endured treatment alone, yet continues to produce remarkable music.

Recently, Hamilton appeared on The Voice UK with Rita Ora, performing his hit single, ‘NY Raining’, released this past March. The blend of the smooth and rhythmic vocals and empowering piano create the perfect hip-hop collaboration yet of 2015.

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