A few days post-Coachella Weekend 1, the duo comprising Ratatat decided to stop by San Diego for a sold out show at the House of Blues, before they made their way back to the desert for Coachella Weekend 2. With dual glass panels on either side of them, they projected all sorts of insane visuals from their past music videos and more. Complete with insane lasers and more than double the amount of instruments than the two fellows on stage, the audience was more than excited as they took to the decks/guitars. Laying out their set up similar to the ODESZA boys, they have dual controllers, guitars, some sort of flute device, and drums!

Watching these guys seamlessly transition between guitar, controllers, drums and drum pads was truly an eye opening experience. Considering we were so far back in the crowd of the packed Sahara tent, at Coachella (a few days before) – we had no idea the technical skill that goes into these gentlemen’s sets. Such an eclectic duo. Their performance was rich with musicality. The crowd was more than happy, ending the show with a huge applause after the duo dropped their classics “Wildcat” and “17 Years”. It was a show to remember.