We recently had the chance to sit down with DJ and producer Kris Trindl, widely known as Rain Man, before his second solo show ever at Webster Hall in New York City.

We were honored to discuss his present and upcoming projects, for he has recently kicked off his solo career.  Sounds like a lot of good stuff is on its way!





How was yesterday’s show in Chicago? Was it the turnout you were expecting?

–Yeah it was pretty crazy, it was real crazy actually.  All of my old soccer friends came out; my sister was there, all the old DJs we would play with two years ago were there.  It was a really good turnout and just a lot of fun.  It was my first solo show ever basically; besides, you know, I just did this Borgore pool party in Miami, so if you think about it, last night was my first club show.

I know you have a show coming up in LA, are you planning on adding more concerts?  What exactly is lined up for the near future?

–So, we put out the first record in March—Visionary, out on Buygore, and what we’re gonna do over the summer, since I’m not booked for any festivals, is we’re just gonna do spot dates.  What’s really cool is that as soon as we started releasing stuff, promoters were hitting us up like, “Hey come to Texas, come to Florida, come to Chicago, come to New York”, etc, so we’re gonna play a bunch of spot dates over the summer and then in the fall we’ll put together an actual routed tour.


Can you talk to me about your side project, Hunter Square?

–Yeah!  So, over the summer I was very much making music by myself in my room at my house, and I was doing a lot of soul searching.  So I hit up one of my old collaborators from about 9 years ago, his name is Matt Devine.  He’s a singer from a band called Kill Hannah in Chicago—really awesome dude!  He was coming over to my house about twice a week, and we were working on some songs.  He had already put out the song “Wrongchilde” ft. Gerard Way, who is one of his friends.  So one of the things we were doing is a little bit more like deep house or just straight up house…I think the tempo is like 124, and we were working on the song and I was like, “Well dude, I don’t think this really like is Rain Man, I’m gonna put out some heavy bass music.  So we came up with a name, we decided to call it Hunter Square and we put the record out.  Now Matt is actually featured on two of my upcoming songs..  Meaning, the project with him now is moving forward as Rain Man ft. Matt Devine.  We have a song called “Earthquake”, which we actually already shot a video for, and then a song called—actually, I don’t know what the second one is called yet, it’s just a beat sort of idea.

How’d you meet Matt Devine?

–Chicago.  When I was like 19 in Chicago, he was one of the people I looked up to in this scene and somehow, through various connections, we ended up at his house downtown.  I played him some of my old beats, and he was like, “Dude this is amazing, like you’re the shit!” and I was like “OMG thank you so much!” So he was one of the guys who in the first place, actually gave me some of my motivation and self-worth to keep moving forward.  It’s cool coming back now, and we’re great friends.

In an interview I heard you say that you don’t really enjoy listening to EDM, you just like making it.  Are you paying attention to what other DJs are doing?  How are you keeping up with their music?

–It’s my industry right, so I pay attention to what everybody is doing.  I love the music, but I only really listen to music when I’m traveling—like in the car, or I’m on an airplane.  I like to listen to my throwbacks from like 2006.  I like to listen to what I listened to when I was a senior in high school.  So it’s a really weird thing, because yes, I make EDM, but I’m not like, “oh what’s that new Knife Party record, that’s my jam!!!!!!


Do you usually listen to music before you play a set?

–For sure!  Somehow I managed to get a filtered acapella of Eye of the Tiger, and I would just walk around with my computer listening to Eye of the Tiger, just to get juiced.  But yeah, anything to get me excited.

Does the concert environment become a challenge and trigger past issues dealing with alcohol consumption, or would you say that it is easier now that you don’t have the pressure of other group members?

– (Silence) That’s an interesting question.  Um, (silence).  Actually, I think I’ll pass on that one.

I saw in an interview that you like Taco Bell.  What’s your favorite thing on the menu?

–(Laughs) If everything else is closed, I LOVE Taco Bell, but if anything else is open, FUCK Taco Bell!  For real though.  I would get the supreme tacos, no sour cream.  But seriously, if there’s like Mom & Pops Sandwich Bread shop next door, and it’s open, fuck Taco Bell.


Photos & interview by Gabi Pérez


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