Sam’s Weekend 1, Day 3:

Making our way to on our third and final day on the Empire Polo fields wasn’t easy, but we made it. Even managing to catch her bring out a special guest, as well as crowd surf! With sultry dance moves and heavy hair swinging action, is always entertaining.


Mø rocking the crowd. Photo: Adam Maresca

After rocking out for a bit, we made our way over to the beer garden for some Mac de Marco and some tasty margaritas. After a much more mellow set than expected, we headed over to the Sahara tent for some needed Trap. Emoh Instead, had the crowd throwing up their trap arms as he performed as now solo, What So Not. Bringing out George Maple for a new track was fun, but it seemed as though Emoh was playing his typical set, so we figured we’d hit the craft beer garden.

After some brewskis, he caught a bit of Jenny Lewis and the young Frenchman, Madeon. Madeon’s set was extremely crowded and much more hard hitting than his set at the same stage 2 years previously. We walked out as the boy wonder dropped “Pop Culture”, once again reminiscent of 2012.

It seemed to be time for Kaskade’s set as every other stage at the festival was basically empty. We managed to walk around the fields during his set and it was pretty eveident that about 70% of the attendees were at Kaskade. As the sun set, we hit Jamie XX’s set for some  disco tunes. It felt as though we were transported to the 80’s, complete with disco ball and red velvet.

The angel that is Florence Welch, was our next stop and boy did she deliver. As she preluded to her new album Ship to Wreck, she made sure to tell us “Whatever you do or say tonight, do not regret it”. It really stuck with us. She also seemed to be the most enthusiastic artist to play the main stage all weekend, which left us feeling more than excited to be seeing her.

As soon as she wrapped up, we managed to catch the Seattle natives, ODESZA, throwing down a completely packed set complete with the USC Marching Band and almost every female vocalist they’ve made a track with. We wanted to stay, but we knew the dark prince that is Gessafelstein was throwing down dirty French techno at the stage next door. We snuck away from the duo, and caught Gessafelstein lightning up a fresh cigarette and making the crowd scream at every drop.


Gessafelstein, smoking one of his last stogies live. Photo: Adam Maresca

Drake closed out the night with a solid set, but it was lacking the key element that makes Coachella so magical – the special guests. Don’t get me wrong, Madonna came out and literally made out with him, but she didn’t even stay on stage for more than a few minutes. I think i’m just spoiled after seeing Tupac et al. weekend 1, last year. Eitherway, thank you Goldenvoice for having us out for what is always an incredible time! Shoutout to The Do Lab and The Confluence for an incredible stage and some much generosity.

Noah’s Weekend 2, Day 3: 

Ah, the last day of Coachella.  This is the day where everyone has settled into their dancing styles, festival routines, and subsequent lack of sleep.  This is the day that everyone had that little reserve for, like when you save room for dessert after a big dinner.  It was time to get down.


Tokimonsta @ The Do Lab

We started in the Sahara Tent for What So Not.  The sound system was cranked up, but his set failed to bring up the energy of the crowd collectively.  He had moments in which everyone was moving, and his track list was superb, but it was not form fitting for the early Sahara Tent crowd. However, the plethora of special guests joined him, including George Maple, featured on his last track “Gemini,” added a nice touch to his run. We made our way back to our home at The Do LaB to find Los Angeles native badass, Tokimonsta, bringing down a packed stage.  Her set varied from chill trap, to bass house, to deep house, to heavy trap, and even dropped Crizzly’s remix of “Hard In Da Paint” at the end.  Any EDM enthusiast could identify with her set, especially with the energy and excess of water being sprayed around the area.  We had a little bit of a break in our day and ended up getting back into things with Jamie XX in the Gobi Tent. He played a really groovy, upbeat house set.  His melodic tones and soft lighting was a really good way to ease into what the rest of the night held, and although the crowd may not have been that reactive, he did an incredible job.  Next was the artist I was most excited to see all weekend.

Jamie xx

Jamie xx

Since the lineup came out in January, I had been raving about how incredible seeing Gesaffelstein at Coachella would be, and god damnit I was right.  The Dark Prince took his place in the Mojave Tent behind the marble podium he had become known for, lit up a cigarette, his first of many that set, and opened up with “Opr.”  Throughout the night, he dropped dark classics like “Hate or Glory,” “Pursuit,” and “Hellifornia” that when paired with his meticulously crafted, yet incredibly simple, light show made for the most impressive overall show all weekend.  I was absolutely blown away by his minimal, yet powerful, stage presence, unbelievable mixing skills, and of course the visuals.  He finished his set by walking in front of the booth, bowing and blowing kisses to the crowd which made me think he was genuinely grateful underneath that cold exterior; a wonderful way to conclude his last live show.



Finally, we closed out our Coachella with EDM’s newest superstar, Kygo. Donning his new live setup, a large four-paneled LED diamond, in the Mojave Tent, there was a certain feeling of bittersweet appreciation in the air knowing that he was the last act of Coachella 2015 for many people.  He went on to play his remixes of “Younger,” “Wait,” and “I See Fire,” amongst others, as well as his unreleased track with Dillon Francis, “Coming Over.”  The whole set was infused with massive amounts of confetti, streamers, strobe lights, and concluded with Conrad coming out to sing “Firestone” live.  The overflowing tent was ecstatic by the time he finished, leaving us with a feeling of overwhelming contentedness for the weekend we had just conquered.  Hopefully you’re just reading this to reminisce about your experiences, but if not, you must make the trek.  We had an incredible time, and I can absolutely say that it’s an experience worth having.  We’ll see you in the desert next year, sloths!