24 year-old Dane Morris is Great Dane, a drifter from Orange County, CA with a taste for independent hip-hop and an ear for sticky beats. As a regular performer at LA’s Low End Theory and co-founder of TeamSupreme collective, Great Dane has been an important figure in the underground West Coast beat scene for a while now, and his third LP with Alpha Pup Records finds him coming into the spotlight with moody beats that pack a punch. On this twenty-track collection of expansive synthetics and psychotropic percussion, Great Dane, strikes a balance between pristine, thoughtful productions and dancefloor-packing filth – in a way that very few producers are able.

Given Dane’s strong ties to the music culture of his hometown LA, it is unsurprising that this album drips with pure West Coast vibes, from the laid-back roll of “Devil Dance” to the hot breath of “Bat Whore.The Untz called his production style “brooding and contemplative”, while Vice’s Thump referred to it as “sinister” and “tripped out.” These adjectives only scratch the surface of Dane’s ability to take influences from bass-laden trap and hip hop styles and combine them with a heavy dose of artistic expression, leaving a unique, cohesive album that is as beautiful as it is beefy.

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We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Great Dane’s future. Stay tuned!

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