Visual Album. Something the music industry probably would have never fathomed ten years ago. But now, one band and one filmmaker have done just that. Esperando el Tsunami by the shamanic electro group Lulacruza is changing the way we visualize music by accompanying every song on their album with the stunning imagery of Colombian culture. Shot and directed by French independent filmmaker, Vincent Moon, the hour long, nine track album pairs melodic vocals and ethereal tones with organic and picturesque visuals of tropical Colombia.

Esperando el Tsunami is a balanced mix of some of Lulacruza’s reworked classics, unreleased singles and two songs from their upcoming album Orcas, “El Agua Abarca” and “Lagunita”. The duo pulls from their many influences including Teto Ocampo, Andrea Etcheverry, Hector Buitrago, Baudilio Cuama, and Rocio Medina, to create an album that shows the bands evolution from simple Colombian electro band to a powerful and exotic shamanic duo.

A follow up to Moons renowned 2011 documentary of the same name, Esperando el Tsunami follows Lulacruza’s Alejandra Ortiz and Luis Maurette through Colombia utilizing the lush sounds of nature to create their own brand of electro music. Moon perfectly captures the vivid essence of the ancient Cota and Juaica, the vivacity of winding rivers through the rain forest, the timeless Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the picturesque beaches of Tayrona to name a few stunning locations.

Mixed and engineered by Vance Galloway, Orcas drops next month off of The Polish Ambassador’s Jumpsuit Records.

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