Above all else – when you go see the indie dance duo, Matt and Kim, perform live, you’re in for a life changing, musical experience like none other. Last week we were among the lucky few who caught the pair for a warm up show at the ArtsRiot Gallery in Burlington, Vermont.

Over the past few months Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino have been teasing fans with singles and videos from their new album, New Glow, set to drop April 7th. It’s hard to imagine how they could have topped not one, not two, but three phenomenal albums, Grand (2009), Sidewalks (2010) and Lightning (2012). But judging from the teasers we got in Burlington, Matt and Kim may have just created another amazing, catchy and well-produced album.

New Glow is going to be amazing.

The two entered the stage in their usual way – with confetti cannons, thumping bass kicks and an electric energy that could have lifted the roof.

They opened few of their beloved classics, including ‘Daylight‘, ‘Lets Go‘, ‘Block After Block‘ and ‘It’s Alright‘, all the while making sure that the energy in the Gallery was as hyped up as possible.

Members of the intimate gathering (350 strong, as the event sold out both nights) proceeded to stage dive, cartwheel, twerk, volley dozens of inflated balloons around the audience the rest of the evening. The bouncers were the only ones not having the time of their lives. Tastefully woven in with the chart toppers were songs from the new album.  Tracks like ‘Get It‘ and ‘Hey Now‘ had the crowd begging for the full album before the night was over.

As with every performance, their music took breaks but the energy never wavered. Johnson did his signature bass drop between songs, as their remixes of top forty hits or something from their back catalogue pumped through the speakers. All the while Schifino balanced precariously on top of her drum kit and thrashed about with no fear of falling. Even after an hour of nonstop dancing, the energy never wavered; it was as potent and electric as when they’d first entered the stage.

I had the great fortune of seeing the duo back in May 2013, at the first Boston Calling Music Festival. The nearly 20,000 festival goers gathered in Boston City Hall Plaza were out of control in the best way, and even then the energy at this small set in Northern Vermont was 10x more incredible.
If you ever have the chance to see these two – in a stadium or at one of their more intimate venues – you would be an idiot to miss out. They’re a once-in-a-lifetime experience, every time.

Check out more from this energetic duo below and don’t forget to look for New Glow out April 7th!

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