Last Friday and Saturday night Datsik put on an outstanding performance at the Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado. With his electrifying opening acts Fox Stevenson, ETC! ETC!, and Twine, each -performer managed to shake the socks off of the crowd with their powerful bass drops. The first night consisted of brand new music from each artist, all the way up until 2:30 AM; as well as all of Dasik’s classics that no one could possibly ever get tired of. Just when you think the bass couldn’t get any more ridiculous, Datsik took his position at the helm of the ever powerful Vortex. As a bass-filled music genius himself, he made the Denver, Colorado the bass capital of the world that night. The young Canadian’s career has amplified significantly, and is destined to continue to grow with his variety of production expertise and successful record label, Firepower Records. With psychedelic images flowing in and out of the infamous vortex, Datsik bumped 100,000 watts of bass through his PK sound system.


Datsik @ The Ogden. Photo: Austin Voldseth

The second night he brought on a performance that turned out to be a complete surprise. His pulsing bass and vortex was combined with magnificent lasers, as well as a b2b2b set with Datsik himself, Twine, Fox, and ETC! ETC!. They managed to put together a never to be released set, consisting of Dubstep, Hip-Hop, and festival-Trap anthems. Datsik also managed to put on an encore both nights; playing his “Toxic” Remix the first night, and his classic remix  with Excision, “Swagga” the second.

Datsik also put on a beautiful performance “Ultraviolence” by Lana Del Rey with visuals projected on the walls and ceiling of the venue, as well as earthy images projected on the vortex. Overall, his songs “Nuke Em’,” his remix of “Annihilate”, and “I Can’t Stop” really managed to set off the crowd like no other. During “I Can’t Stop,” he front flipped into the crowd (both nights) crowd surfing as he so often does.


Datsik entranced by his Vortex. Photo: Austin Voldseth

Datsik truly blew my mind and by far gave one of the best performances i’ve seen in a while. If I could have the opportunity to see his show again, I would in an heartbeat. Troy Beetle is truly a very talented artist, with a very smart head on his shoulders when it comes to the music industry.

Click the links below to check out some of Datsik’s most popular songs that he played both nights throughout his set!

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