As the crowd awaited the revealing of a highly anticipated Vortex 3.0, we could hear the preparation of sounds and synths going on behind the masked visual insanity. At precisely 12:30am the curtain at Exchange LA began to drop and the almighty Datsik took his throne.

Playing a show in your hometown is something I imagine every DJ/Producer gets absolutely amped on doing for the sole fact you are experiencing the love of music (and bass) with hundreds of fans sharing one common thread, calling Los Angeles home.  As the bone-shattering bass began to rumble the venue from floor to ceiling and each LED light bulb illuminated the entire crowd, it was clear that we were in for a treat.

For this particular show, Datsik chose to throw it back a bit for the fans who have been with him from the start. Dropping songs such as “Nuke E”m and “Swagga,” to name a few. A HUGE compliment to his already hard-hitting sound was the amazing visual experience known as Vortex 3.0. The combination of lights, lasers and video clips made the show an unbelievable experience from every corner of the club.  As the show went on, the insanity pouring out of the speakers only grew. From “Fully Blown” to “Next Episode” (CAKED Up Trap Remix) it seemed the Godfather of dubstep himself was out to make this show a memorable one, to say the least.

The combination of the visuals put on by V Squared Labs, with the mind blowing bass and 100,000 watts of sound courtesy of PK Sound and the ingenious productions of Datsik himself, make the Ninja Nation Tour a MUST for any avid fan.

Be sure to check out the list of cities left on the Ninja Nation Tour to ensure you do not miss out on a historic lineup of artists ready to shake your senses.

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