Last night I experienced Excision and his executioner in its full glory. Headlining the Hollywood Palladium the night after a sold out RL Grime show, X was set to take whatever bar he had set and blow it out of the water. On top of the full-fledged, 3D projection mapped stage design he has been touring with for years now, he brought in a 150,000 watt soundsystem and six massive laser DSC05027systems. Allow me to put that into perspective, the first time I saw Excision in a club show on one of his nationwide Executioner tours, he had 100,000 watts of sound; I could feel every hair on my body vibrating at an inhuman frequency. I genuinely thought it could not get any more insane, and then he upped the ante by 50%.
Excision opened his set with the infamous bass test you can hear in all of his Shambhala mixes straight into one of his newest tracks “Codename X.”  It was abundantly clear right from the start that he was not fucking around; the sound he brought in was unparalleled by any show I have ever been to (festival, club show, venue show, etc). Standing dead center of the venue for most of the show, I experienced the full 150,000 watt system that shook every cell of my body. Never have I ever experienced such an incredible force of music, and that’s just what Excision is. The closest analogy I can possibly convey is that one Five Gum commercial where the guy is laying on thousands of ball bearings surrounded by DSC05088subwoofers pulsating simultaneously. Going on to play everything from Must Die! to Datsik, Knife Party, Zomboy, Dirtyphonics, and countless originals, it was clear his set was tailor-made for the die-hard basshead. My favorite part of the show was when he came out for his encore and played “X Up” into the Shambhala 2013 mix intro with the VIP of Destroid’s “Bounce,” and ultimately closed out with “Get Stupid;” absolute insanity. I’ve seen some of the largest names in bass music, including Bassnectar at Red Rocks, and I can absolutely say that Excision has earned his place in history as one of the hardest-hitting, most incredible live artists out there. If he still has a stop in your town on this tour, you have to go. It’s not a friendly suggestion, it’s a necessity on your part.


Photos By Miles Kelly