Founded in mid 2011 to Fat! Records, Maribou State found instant success with their debut EP, Olivia, producing their own homegrown style of bass-heavy yet melodic, electro dance music. The British duo hit the ground running with their remix of Ultraista’s, ‘Gold Dayzz’, gaining over 720,000 plays on SoundCloud and global recognition. But they didn’t stop there. Maribou State proved their strength when their remix of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You’ earned them nearly 1,400,000 plays on SoundCloud.

Now, ’Rituals’ from their upcoming debut album, Portraits, embodies a vibrant style of electronic music that has never been heard before and is sure to please many. With a deep, pulsating bass, and melodic vocals that echo those of James Blake, ‘Rituals’ carries an entrancing beat through your speakers and into your body. Maribou State continues to progress and impress the ritual EDM lovers and we hope that they keep these amazing beats coming.

The digital version of ‘Rituals’ is set for release on March 23rd and the full album drops June 1st of this year.

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