Very few artists have been able to create such a legacy as Liquid Stranger. Even fewer artists are able to adapt and evolve as efficiently as he has, all while the musical landscape has shifted from genre to genre. Seeing Liquid Stranger live in Puerto Rico literally changed my life, and he can do the same for you.

With things always-changing, Liquid Stranger has used that to his benefit. The majority of 2014 Liquid Stranger released multiple 2-3 track EP’s titled the Anomaly : Series. This series started at EP 1 and ended at EP 6 spanning the majority of 2014. In writing such an undertaking multiple versions, edits, remixes, VIP’s have been created for multiple performances over the course of the year.

Liquid Stranger is an artist that would be nowhere without his fans. In appreciation to them sticking with him over the course of the betterment of a year, he wanted everyone to hear the music he had been writing for so long. Anomaly : The Collection is the culmination of the Anomaly EP’s 1-6 along with 6 additional unreleased tunes. Amongst those unreleased tunes are “Golden Property” feat. MC Zulu. This track is a tribal, upbeat Reggae tune. MC Zulu’s aggressive lyrics express discern and give the track a sense of urgency. Following is Ill Gates tasteful remix of “Mr. Unbreakable“. Ill Gates showcases his talent for creating a unique platform from the original. This very fresh take on the single, combines earthy elements and creates a bouncy feeling. Next up is Planet Neutral’s Remix of “Mr. Unbreakable“. This remix showcases Planet Neutral’s ability to create harmonies surrounding an amazing topline. The drop brings a hearty dose of future trap reminiscent of Flume or Paper Diamond. Liquid Stranger then jumps in the mix with VIP edits of ‘Caution’ & ‘Freedom Bells’. Both of these tracks do the original justice, all while bringing a new energy to the music. ‘Caution’ teeters on melodic hip/hop trap, while ‘Freedom Bells’ nods at Burner, sludgy reggae.

Lastly, he decided to give the people what they have been asking for and release the Instrumental to “Mr. Unbreakable”. Liquid Stranger has always been about creating meaningful unique music and the conception of ‘Anomaly : The Collection’ is no different. Liquid Stranger wants people to become familiar with his work. Giving away 18 tracks away for download doesn’t necessarily guarantee that everyone will hear, but it does put him one step closer to making potential life-long fans.

Over the course of multiple years in this business- Liquid Stranger knows that the only artists that stay relevant are the ones who appreciate the people, here’s to you- the fan. Feel free to share this Collection with friends, family, or anyone who you might think would enjoy.

Download Anomaly : The Collection: