This past Sunday, White Rabbit Group and Somewhere Loud brought Excision and his crew into San Diego. Jeff Abel, the Canadian musician behind Excision, has just started his tour and brought along some killer talent. The show featured San Diego natives Kicks n Licks, melodious Minnesota & true dubstep fiend Protohype.

While this recap was supposed to include an interview with Protohype, due to technical difficulties that will no longer be happening.

Instead we bring to you a full recap of his performance:

Given it was a Sunday night we didn’t expect a large crowd, but we were sorely mistaken. Upon entering Somewhere Loud, in San Diego, we were greeted with a bustling 18+ crowd and Max Hype laying down the dirty beats.


Blessing us with tons of Hip-hop (straight out of Atlanta), dirty Dubstep and of course that classic Firepower sound – his set seemed to fly by. With trap chants going down on almost every drop, it was evident Max was having tons of fun on stage and so was the audience. With Somewhere Loud’s new diagonal slanting LED wall behind him, Max seemed to take control of the crowd with every drop. Be it Dubstep, Trap or Hip-Hop, this man kept it the genres flowing as his set progressed. Ending his set with the classic “Hard Knock Life,” the crowd went wild! After this performance it was more than evident why Protohype is signed to Datsik’s Firepower Label.


While we can’t bring you the video of the interview, we’d like to touch on some points:

  • Protohype caught the music bug from classic Rusko & Caspa tracks
  • He went to ASU & then Icon Music School where he lectured a master class
  • This man loves Hip Hop & DJ Sets.
  • He donated over $1,000.00 to the ASPCA because of a tweet. (Seen below)

Protohype Puppy Crew Tweet

  • Lastly, he loves Lord of the Rings

Catch up with Protohype’s latest tracks here:

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