Supreme. Invincible. Unstoppable.

All ways to describe the powerful, British, band of brothers, Disclosure. Barely two years after the creation of their label, Method Records, they’ve unveiled a new sub-label – catering to the growing mass market for EDM on vinyl (with some digital availability.) ‘Method White’ focuses on underground and remixed EDM beats, all on vinyl.

But who will be the first lucky artist released on this label you ask? None other than Swedish producer Jonas Rathsman with his pounding deep 
house hit ‘Wolfsbane’. With a three-minute build that blossoms into a vibrant mix, dripping in techno vibes, Rathsman continues to impress the EDM scene with his innate talent. ‘Wolfsbane’ already has over 70,400 plays on SoundCloud – just one week after its digital release.

Rathsman’s not the only one kicking off the new year with a badass bang. For a pair as ambitious, and productive as Disclosure’s Guy and Howard Lawrence, forming a new sub-label is hardly a sufficient start to 2015. In collaboration with Rudimental, Disclosure has created (and already sold out) their first festival. WILD LIFE will be taking over Brighton City Airport this June 6th and 7th and also feature the likes of Sam Smith, Mark RonsonWu-Tang Clan and Earl Sweatshirt.

We’re already two months into 2015 and it already looks like it’s going to be a fantastic year for EDM.

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