This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Boysnoize Record Company. Alex Ridha founded the record company in 2005 to absorb sublime freedom under Boys Noize and his different nicknames. In honor of the tenth anniversary, BNR is giving an exclusive free BitTorrent package displaying unreleased music, live mixes and other content. Also included is a sequence of BNR10YR parties around the world. He will be presenting a variety of shows in twenty different countries with a limited number of $10 pre-sale tickets.

This exclusive package includes five hours of music with two new tracks called “Brain Frequent” and “Dawnload“. During this five hours of music, several live sets will be released from his show in Tokyo, several live tracks from different festivals, some Boysnoize classics, and much more.

Named as one of the top ten “DJs That Rule the World” in Rolling Stone, Alex’s music has influenced the electronic genre tremendously. Alex is portrayed as one of the most successful, brainiest, genuine, DIY DJ/producers according to Mixmag’s cover story on BNR, “Kingdom Of The Skull”.

Check out Boys Noize 100th successful release of a remix by the Chemical Brothers & Justice remix of Boys Noize’s club hit “XTC” below: