How does the old phrase go? March comes in like a lion – out like a lamb? Well All Blak Records is certainly kicking off March with quite a roar with the release of the electrifying and perfectly titled EP, Another Prospect,  from DJs Michael Davidson and Leo Franco. The Toronto natives have paired up with the enigmatic label to release two eerie and entrancing original tracks, as well as a remix from the diffuse artist, Paul Quzz.

The EP begins with​ “Another Prospect” that is a hypnotic ​embodiment of the word  “ethereal.” ​ ​ The equally mesmerizing “Too Much Of It”​ follows​ with layers of echoing percussion and spine-chilling vocals atop a deep, persistent beat. Paul Quzz’s remix of ​”Too Much of It” offers an equally sinister tone, but with more of an exponentially growing bass​ proving to be the perfect musical foil for the original​.

1. Another Prospect (Original Mix) 
2. Too Much Of It (Original Mix) 
3. Too Much Of It (Paul Quzz Remix) 
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