As we entered the grounds of the abandoned U.S. military base in Panamá, my correspondent and I knew we were in for a treat…

Thanks to the amazing people at ShowPro, Unity Travel, & Disco Donnie himself, The Day After Festival was unlike anything else we’ve ever experienced.


With a diverse lineup to satisfy the needs of the Tech and Social Media savvy South Americans, along with their European and American counterparts, we had no trouble grooving to the sounds of some of the worlds top talent until 4, 5 and 6 AM all weekend.

With no curfew laws and regulations like we are used to in California, this event lasted 3 days and went from about 3pm until the morning… With numerous special and secret sets, It’s safe to say, if you had the urge to party – that urge was satisfied by the lovely folks who arranged TDA.


With a variety of small food and drink vendors, we found the main staples were rum & cokes and Popeyes Chicken. What a diet, right?… While the event could have benefited from local beers and food vendors, it did feature a variety of local hard liquors – which were quite tasty.

After entering the grounds, and exploring the festival a bit we were left in awe due to the unbelievable location. As we mentioned, it’s held on an old military base (Fiagli Plaza) so the backdrop was older style buildings and of course beautiful Panama City & the Caribbean sea.

Featuring a main stage and the latest addition of the Beatport stage, there was no lack of entertainment.




Arriving on an 8pm flight, we quickly took a taxi from Tocumen International Airport to the Aloft – W Hotel (we’d like to thank Unity Travel for providing us accommodations, as well as the most affordable travel packages for your next electronic adventure).

After checking into our epic accommodations we made our way over to the festival in a hotel provided van. Arriving just in time for our interview with Oliver Heldens (coming soon).


After sitting down with this kind Dutch fellow, we quickly stepped backstage and tuned into his set. Dropping all sorts of deep groovy Dutch House, Heldens toyed with the crowd. Dropping bits of heavy bass music, intermittently between dance and house tunes, he had everyone bouncing around. With over eight massive LED screens projecting intense visuals onto thousands of eager fans, as our first set of the night, we knew we were in for a hell of a weekend.


Tiësto was next on our list of artists to see: beginning his set with a slow clap and a gentle “Good evening Panamá, my name is Tiësto!”. Given this was one of the most packed sets we would see all weekend, we knew the godfather would grace us with magic in these next 2 hours. Infusing his classic with more house and dirty dutch intros we couldn’t stop grooving to his magical melodies.

Ensuring we were having a good time… he announced it was officially his birthday – so he was going to play some great tunes for us. Ending his set with some of the most epic drops known to man, fireworks and even a little “Baking Soda,” it was a shame to see him go.


Getting back to our hotel was easy, as there were plenty of eager cab drivers awaiting festival goers as they walked out.

Tip of Advice: Walk out of the festival down to the main road – thus avoiding unnecessary traffic and cab fees!



Waking up in the morning to a refreshing dip in the Aloft pool and the included breakfast which had everything from bacon and eggs to cereal and bagels, we re-energized and ventured around the city. The architectural feats built in Panama city still astonish me.

Day 2 wen’t by rather quickly, but had some insane highlights. With acts like Bassjackers, The Chainsmokers, W&W and Afrojack we felt like we were in Vegas.

Highlight of the Night: Claude Von Stroke’s set to close out the Beatport stage.


The Dirtbird founder dropped that deeeeep house, to what seemed to us like an endless crowd. With Stroke’s cheerful attitude behind the decks and gracious thank you’s via social media, we’re sure he’ll be back to headline the Beatport stage next year – maybe he’ll bring some of his friends too!




Sunday went just as quick, as I had to catch a flight out of Panama city at 1:30am. Catching some of Cedric Gervais set, we had a crazy start to our night. Dropping Lana’s classic “Summertime Sadness” Gervais had everyone grooving. As his set came to a close, he easing into Borgore’s remix of his classic banger “Molly,” as he prepped the crowd for the filth to ensue.


Borgore took the stage… “New Gore Order” was up first. Layering the crowd with levels of filth and house music, he kept it fresh. Dropping his “Coco” remix a few minutes in, everyone went insane!

Borgore’s crazy stage antics of course ensued, asking the crowd “Who’s going to fall in love with a stranger tonight!”. After bits of singing, tons of bounce, trap and even a “We Will Rock You” and “Take me to Church” remix – he grabbed the Panamanian flag and stood on his booth. Safe to say… the crowd is pleased.


Ending the night off with the first half of Nervo’s set was quite fun! These high energy Australian supermodels, took to the mics in Spanish which led in for a killer set. With synchronized dancing, insane high heels, one hell of a mowhak, and a bowler hat – these girls threw down. What a night!


The Day After Festival was one to remember and we look forward to covering it every year from here on out. Travel Packages + Early Bird Tickets will be released starting in May. Huge discounts and benefits to come for ongoing customers!

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Photos: Rukes, Level House Music