Savant has shown his growing fan base time and time again that he IS the creative person that his name suggests.

After watching his new music video, directed by award winning music video director Mike Diva, Savant really sheds a light on exactly what he pictures when he’s making his music. This video is fun, visually pleasing, and thoroughly entertaining. To me, that is the most important role of a music video: to provide entertainment along with the music, not for the music to carry the video. This video combined the two perfectly allowing the music to play off the action sequences, and allowing the visuals to cue thematic elements within the music. Sure some of the special effects are slightly cheesy and the story is anything but generic western, but none of that matters. Savant’s mastery of entertainment gave him the ability to make a 3 minute music video as enjoyable as it could possibly be. If you haven’t already heard Savant’s newest album, Zion, and you are a general dubstep/video game music you need to go listen to it right now.

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